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Download from Dropbox what you need is very easy and free of cost if it is made public. Everything that has been stored as cloud storage can be re-downloaded again and again through Dropbox. It has been popular as everything can be downloaded that have been made public and everyone can download them.


Dropbox is an online cloud storage where you can put the files on it and use it anytime and anywhere as per your need. If you need to keep your files and data safe like photos, videos, applications, contacts, calendar, and anything, you can use the Dropbox app through your device to perform all these things.

It is also very easy to edit a presentation or any other files with the teammates where you do not have to email the files back and forth. Anyone can get the update of your edited file in the shared folder as soon as you make some changes, which makes the work easier. You can have all the data and information safe so that you can use them whenever and wherever you like as in a train, buses, other places or countries, home and your places around.


Download from Dropbox (entire folder)Dropbox

‘Downloading entire folder’ feature has made downloading the entire contents of it very easy. You will be able to download the folder which has the size up to 1 GB and a number of files up to 10,000. You can automatically download the files from the folder to your computer with the help of Dropbox Desktop application if the folder is in your account. Thus download from Dropbox might not be that much harder for you from now.

How to install the Dropbox Desktop App? Download from Dropbox

Desktop App

If you get the download from Dropbox in your desktop then you have to desktop app of Dropbox. You can find the Dropbox app easily through the official site of Dropbox: You can also search the Dropbox from the google and go to the official website and download it. Also, you can use the Dropbox app for the Linux too.

How to update to latest version of the Dropbox App?

desktop app upgrade

If the auto-update option on your device is on, then you do not have to worry about it as it automatically downloads and update the Dropbox app to the latest version. If it is not so, then you have to manually update it. You can either open the app or then click on the ‘update’ option from the settings or you can download the update file and update it. For android users, you can go to the play store, search the Dropbox app and click on the update option to update it to the latest version. You will also be asked if you want to update the Dropbox app if you have chosen the ‘ask to update’ option to update your app.

Why update the Dropbox App?

Download from Dropbox

Updating the Dropbox app helps us to remove the errors that people may be facing with the Dropbox app. It will help you to fix the bugs that have been slowing you down and for smooth operation. Whenever the Dropbox team changes the services and offers then you can get them from the updates. It will help you get the new services according to the version of the operating system of your device too. Also, it may sometimes allow you to work in a new interface of the app.

Sign In to the Dropbox App

Sign In Dropbox

To run the services provided to the Dropbox app, you first need to sign in to the Dropbox with the Dropbox account you have created. Signing in to your personal account will allow you to sync all of your data and files from your device to the Dropbox and from the Dropbox to the device. Whenever you make some changes to the files and data on the Dropbox, it will get updated in the background which helps you to work with the changes anytime and from anywhere.


Signing in to the Dropbox is easy. You can go to the official website of the Dropbox and click on the sign in option. After that, you will be asked to insert your username or your email that you have registered and the password just below it. After you click on the ‘sign in’ button, you will be directed to your own Dropbox account where you can see all of your synced data and share them with anyone. As per the need, your Dropbox account will always be secured and safe. You can drag and drop your files here whenever you make any changes to the files which will help you to sync the data.

Features of Dropbox App

Dropbox app has a lot of benefits that you can achieve. These features are listed below:


  1. You can sync all of your data and files easily either from the Dropbox to the device or from the device to the Dropbox app.
  2. The working with the Dropbox is easy as it is just like operating with the files and folders on your desktop.
  3. You can easily make changes to the files and data from anywhere and share it with anyone at anytime.
  4. You can work offline with the Dropbox. As soon as the internet is connected, all of your changes to the files can be easily synced.
  5. As soon as you make changes to the files in the Dropbox, your friends can get an automatic update which makes the work easier.
  6. Data and files through the Dropbox can be kept safe and secure.
  7. Downloading the files and data from the Dropbox is very easy and secure.
  8. Dropbox is reliable and easy to use.
  9. Dropbox is used on wide range of operating systems.

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